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Meet Our Team

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Jenny Ownbey

Certified Nurse Midwife

My passion for assisting women through labor and birth began with the very first birth I witnessed while in nursing school. I became a labor and delivery nurse in 2011 and served in that role for ten years. During that time, I was also blessed to have my own first hand experience in child birth. I gave birth to my two daughters on the labor unit where I worked, surrounded by family, friends and co-workers that I loved and trusted.

Over the years, I served as a childbirth educator and also went on to become a lactation consultant (IBCLC) to help meet the needs of the women and families in the community I served. I've always felt strongly about educating women and advocating for natural birth choices. I fell in love with the midwifery model of care and felt called to serve in this role. I graduated from Frontier Nursing University with a Masters Degree in Nurse Midwifery in 2021.


I'm so very thankful for the experiences I've gained both in and out of the hospital setting. I've been very blessed to have so many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way. Each lesson and experience over the years has helped to mold me into the provider that I am now. 

I currently live in Bladen County with my husband and our two girls. My husband and I enjoy working from home most days and homeschooling our children. We are of Christian faith and enjoy serving in our local church and community in any capacity the Lord calls. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, gardening, canning and spending time with family and friends.

Jamie Perkins

Certified Professional Midwife / Midwife Assistant

“I have always been drawn to the miracle of childbirth. Motherhood started for me with two bonus sons, then years of infertility along with two early miscarriages. I now have four sons and one daughter, as well as my bonus sons who brought a grandson and granddaughter to our tribe. 


My journey into birth work began during my pregnancy with my daughter in 2006. I hired a home birth midwife for the first time after having older children born in the hospital. I then became certified as a Labor Assistant though ALACE (now toLabor) and served as an assistant while pregnant and after my daughter's birth. I began my midwifery apprenticeship with my midwife and learned invaluable information while helping other women through their own journey.


Over the years, I held certifications as a Child Passenger Safety Technician and The Happiest Baby educator. I served three years volunteering at a pregnancy care center and teaching childbirth classes. I have been a Certified BLS instructor through the American Heart Association for 28 years and enjoy helping people feel confident in their skills during an emergency. I also held certification as an EMT, EMT-Intermediate for about 20 years (during that time I spent a couple of years dispatching for 911 in Johnston County.) I feel that those years prepared me for home birth by giving me many opportunities to arrive in a home and make a workspace and feel comfortable.  In September 2010, I completed the requirements to become a Certified Professional Midwife through NARM. I earned my Midwifery Bridge Certificate through NARM in 2017. 


Sacred Haven Midwifery is where I can be present with mothers and babies and I find no other thing (aside from my own family) to be more fulfilling and rewarding in the world. It is my hope to be a vessel for God to bring harmony, peace, comfort and wellbeing to every birth I attend and every family whose lives I touch. May each client feel she has arrived at a sacred haven when it is time to birth with our team.


Lesa Williams

Birth Assistant / Doula

Lesa is a mom of 12 grown children, 10 boys and two girls. Her first four were C-sections, then five home births, her last three were birthed in a hospital totally unmedicated. She has been a birth and postpartum doula, professionally for over nine years, however, has been helping and serving pregnant, and birthing women, for over 20 years. She has served as a home birth assistant for over five years.

"Having the opportunity of a home birth, with skilled midwives, was a life-changing experience for me. The midwifery model of care is superior to our current medical model of care. After my home birth experiences, I wanted to become a midwife, but chose homesteading, raising and home educating my children, as my first priority being a Mom”. 


“I fell in love with the art of Midwifery from then on, and have always felt that childbirth was Sacred, and “how a woman births matters both to her and her baby”. Sacred Haven Midwifery offers women, their baby and their family superior care. I'm so honored to be here and to have an opportunity to continue to learn this priceless knowledge."


Lesa loves spending time with her family, gardening, and teaching her very own childbirth education course, "Steps of CREATION to MOTHER, the Spiritual Guide Overcoming Fear in Childbirth.

Bethany Nelson

Birth Assistant / Doula

Bethany began working as a birth assistant in 2022. She has been a birth doula for almost 10 years, and also provides placenta encapsulation services.


"Birth work has been a huge passion of mine for more than 10 years and the love for this work has me in awe and never ever gets old. Birth is such an intimate and exciting time, and being able to bring your baby earth side, in your own home, is an experience that you’ll never forget."


"Our goal at Sacred Haven Midwifery is to help you and your family have the most beautiful and healthy birth experience and to guide you in any way we can. We as a whole are continually learning and growing ourselves to ensure we give the best care possible to our families and Mamas."


"Birth and what you experience during that time is different for everyone and for every baby, whether it’s your first or seventh. When women trust their bodies and us with their care, we take that very seriously."


"My husband and I have five beautiful children, a homestead that is growing daily (chicken math-am I right?), and a garden of fruits and vegetables to feed our family. I love canning and preserving foods, making tinctures, and hope to grow my apothecary skills in order to provide for others in the near future."

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