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Expecting a Sibling

Basic Midwifery Care Package: $7,000

Prenatal Care

  • A full schedule of prenatal visits: once monthly until 28 weeks; twice monthly until 36 weeks; once weekly until 40 weeks; more visits as required past 40 weeks 

  • A Home Visit between 35-36 weeks 

  • Unlimited phone availability 24/7

  • Insurance billing is available as desired for possible full/partial fee reimbursement​​​​

Homebirth Service

  • Home Birth Service between 37-42 weeks gestation

  • Attendance by an experienced home birth midwife team at your labor & delivery, including medications, equipment, and supplies needed for emergency interventions as indicated

  • Initial newborn exam

  • Assistance, monitoring, and support as needed during the first few hours postpartum

Postpartum & Newborn Care

  • 3 postpartum home visits for mom and baby scheduled at

    • 24-36 hours after birth

    • 3-5 days postpartum

    • 7-10 days postpartum

      • (more if necessary) 

  • Newborn screenings, including metabolic screen (PKU), Hearing, and CCHD screenings

  • Birth Certificate paperwork

  • Office visit at 6 weeks postpartum  

**A NON-REFUNDABLE retainer fee of $500 is required at your first visit and will be applied to your overall balance. We limit the number of clients we care for in our practice, therefore, your retainer serves to reserve a place in our care.

**Cost of prenatal labs, ultrasound, birth kit supplies and prescription medications such as RhoGAM (for Rh Negative) and Newborn Vitamin K are not included and may be billed separately to insurance or as out of pocket expense.

**We HIGHLY recommend contacting your insurance for any prior authorization or approval that may be required for out of network coverage​. We can provide you information to submit to insurance for approval.

Bundle Services and Save
With Optional Add On Packages:


SAVE $50
SAVE $100
SAVE $150

Individual Add On Services Available:

Childbirth Class:  $250

  • One day course offered once per month for our clients

  • Everything you need to know to be well prepared for your home birth

  • We recommend taking this class around 30-34 weeks of pregnancy 

AquaDoula Heated Birth Pool Rental:  $300

  • This heated birth pool maintains water at a safe temperature for labor and water birth.

  • Includes rental, set up during early labor, and clean up following use.

Placenta Encapsulation:  $400

  • Placenta encapsulation is an ancient practice that is said to promote milk production, more balanced hormone levels, and even prevent or decrease the intensity of postpartum depression

  • Traditional Chinese Method, includes steaming placenta prior to dehydration and encapsulation

  • Yields on average 100-200 capsules, this may vary depending on the size of your placenta

  • Includes placenta print and umbilical cord keepsake​​​

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